Concrete Delivery in Seattle & Surrounding Areas

Quick & Easy Concrete is a small yardage (under 8 cubic yards) concrete delivery service.  We are a locally owned and operated family business since 1996.  All our drivers and dispatchers are friendly and helpful. We specialize in the timely delivery of freshly mixed concrete for residential, commercial, industrial, government, and utility applications. Here at QE Concrete we make quality products, provide great customer service, and do all our business with safety and integrity.

concrete delivery seattle


  • All drivers are Friendly and willing to help
  • Pay for what you use, not what you order
  • Fresh concrete (2500-4000 PSI) higher if ordered
  • Mobile batch plants for fresh concrete on your site.
  • Extra concrete on the truck if needed (.25-.5 yds over ordered amount)
  • Friendly and helpful dispatchers
  • Night work and emergencies no problem
  • CDF and Rapidset available
  • Additives available: Accelerator(Non-Calcium), Fiber Mesh, Integrated Color
  • Never failed a concrete compression test
  • We are on a first come, first serve basis. So book early!



Since 1996, we’ve been a trusted source for quality mixed concrete, and we are proud to be the concrete delivery company of choice for many members of our community. For quality concrete delivery in Seattle call us today! For concrete you can count on, come to Quick & Easy Concrete, Inc. I have attached 3 sheets of .pdf results from Cascade Testing Laboratories showing the compression and flexural results of my concrete, you can download them by clicking here. I have also attached the lab results showing the Chloride Ion content of my concrete, again showing I exceed the specification. You can see this by clicking here

Call a QE Concrete dispatcher today at (425) 771-6443 OR (425) 454-9333