About Us

Quick & Easy Concrete is a small yardage (less than 8 cubic yards) concrete delivery service. We are a locally owned and operated family business since 1996. All our drivers are friendly and helpful. We specialize in the timely delivery of freshly mixed concrete for residential, commercial, industrial, government, and utility applications. In particular, we specialize in working at night, providing concrete and CDF for street work or commercial jobs when traffic is a concern. Our service area is Marysville to Burien.

Mixed concrete is a perishable good, so it must be handled with care. Our trucks are totally self-contained mobile batch plants for mixing and delivering concrete. The trucks carry ALL of the materials needed to make fresh concrete in separate bins and tanks, custom mixing concrete on the job site. Since the concrete is made in front of the customer, we control quantity and quality on the spot on demand. We have never failed a common test of concrete called a “compression test”. There is never any wasted concrete or recycled “hot mud”. Since there is no waste, you only pay for what you use; not what you order. We usually have at least an extra ½ yard on the truck in case it is needed. We can wash out into a wheelbarrow. Also, all quotes are inclusive of all charges except sales tax if applicable. There are no hidden, unquoted fees like “fuel surcharge” or “short load fee” or “environmental surcharge” or even “returned concrete fee” (yes we heard that one once!). Finally, we offer CDF (Controlled Density Fill) and DOT Rapidset concrete.

Call a QE Concrete dispatcher today at (425) 771-6443 OR (425) 454-9333