Company Policies

Concrete delivered to curb, job or forms, where accessible to truck under its own power. All wrecker or towing charges will be charged to customer if delivery is inside of curb line on private property. We will however try our very best to make it as easy as possible for everyone. Our truck design and experienced drivers will be able to make your job quick and easy!

  1. Maximum delivery is 5 yards for homeowners and 5 yards for contractors, industry, government and utility companies except by arrangement.

  2. Minimum charge equal to the delivery of .25 yards.

  3. Late delivery: Monday-Friday 4:30 to 6:30 p.m

  4. Night Jobs (after 6:30) Prices available – call office.

  5. Contractor discount offered for licensed contractors only please.

  6. Unloading time allowed: Twelve (12) minutes per cubic yard. ADDITIONAL STANDBY TIME $120 PER HOUR ($2.00/min). If engine is running and mixer is turning, standby charge is $180 per hour ($3.00/min) However, we are very reasonable with these charges..

  7. Fibermesh: Add $8.00 per cubic yard upon request

  8. Pozzolith NC534 Accelerator: Calcium accelerator is available on request.

  9. CANCELLATION: At least a 4 Hour Notice (except for 2 hours for inclement weather please). If the truck arrives and the delivery is cancelled, $100 will be charged due to the cost of arriving and time lost.

  10. If unable to wash out on site, $50.00 will be charged. Our washout consists of only about a 1/2 wheelbarrow of water to flush down the chutes.

  11. All concrete includes air entrainment and water reducer at no charge. But, these can be removed upon request and are generally not used with inside pours.

  12. Pea gravel is available in 5.5, 6 & 7 sack mixes. (additional charges do apply)

TERMS: Cash, check, or Visa / Master / Discover Card on delivery or credit established prior to delivery. Commercial accounts Net 30. Service charge of 1.5% per month or 18% per annum on all past due accounts. Minimum service charge $5.00 per month. NSF Checks – $35.00 charge. Credit accounts based upon credit approval prior to first declining please.

Call a QE Concrete dispatcher today at (425) 771-6443 OR (425) 454-9333