Truck Specifications:

Length: 32 feet
Width: 10 feet
Height: 12.5 feet
Weight (max): 64,000 lbs. (32 tons)
Capacity (max): ALL the material needed to makeĀ 8 yards of fresh concrete without reloading (sand, stone, water, cement and admixtures)
Chute: Gravity fed located on the back center of the truck. 20 feet in length (measured from the rear wheels). It is able to turn 70 degrees to each side (140 degrees of total side to side movement). It can reach 20 feet from the back centerline of the truck at the same grade as the tires.
Dispensing Speed: Maximum dispensing speed is 20 yards per hour
Remote Drive: The truck is also equipped with a remote drive system enabling the driver to drive the truck from the dispensing (rear) end of the truck. This allows the driver to make continuously dispensing pours that also involve moving the truck (i.e. sidewalks, driveways, trenches, etc).

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